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Hike, climb, scramble, or gently wander up to the summit of Mount Snowdon! Check out these six wonderful routes! https://t.co/KJm5fQlVRa

Venture under the ground into the slate caverns where you can embrace blissful madness in the luminous purple lighting! And don't forget the warm lights and log fire of Snowdon Lodge await you just a short drive away! 🙂 @ZipWorldUK #zipworld #bouncebelow https://t.co/OtZjPphYCo

Snowdon Lodge is perfect for school and guides/scouts groups, as with 35 beds, a large meeting/dining room, and a fenced off drive to enjoy fun activities on, your trip will be as hassle-free as possible! 😉
#groupaccommodation #schoolgroups

The UK's only alpine coaster, just a short drive from Snowdon Lodge! @ZipWorldUK #zipworld #fforest #groupaccommodation

You can't miss this sensational collaboration of music, art, and culture in the most picturesque location! Festival No6 is taking place the second weekend in September just ten minutes from Snowdon Lodge! https://t.co/2iyeLZNNJv

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